Kitchen Wisdom

>> Monday, May 18, 2009

I love to collect old cookbooks, especially those from folks I know. My kitchen is small, so I don't own nearly as many as I'd like, but those that I do have are very special. One book I find especially intriguing came from my dad's mother. It's not really a cookbook, but a volume of what I like to call "kitchen wisdom". It's titled "Your Household Guide" and was published in 1951 by Walsworth Brothers.

I thought I would occasionally share some tidbits from this book under the title of Kitchen Wisdom. Hopefully you will find these as interesting and helpful as I have! I love to take a glimpse back at households of years gone by. I find that the truly helpful wisdom stands the test of time.

Two snippets of wisdom to share for today . . .

To evenly distribute wear on sheets, put the small hem at the top of the bed at least half of the time.

Place the egg in a pan of water. If fresh, it will lie on its side. If a few days old, it will tilt upwards. If stale, it will stand on end. If very old, it will float.

There, now don't you feel wiser already?!



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